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invest in vending machines and you manage them

invest in vending?

You own the machine and with our placement assistance and ongoing support you manage them and receive on going income. NEW! high traffic locations are available to site your machine across Australia, Our team help you. We give you full training and support to operate the machines and maximize your profits.

You receive :

Latest technology product, unique to the market,

A market with proven demand,

Full training and ongoing support,

Easy step by step business success guide,

Expert site finders for optimum placement.

If you are looking for a part-time business to manage, or full time depending on the number of machines you manage, with flexible work hours and ongoing income while your not there this is for you.


Recently we have teamed up with local company working closely together to bring our customers exceptional value, these company are the ones we trust to look after our customers as we believe they should be looked after.


No Deposit Finance available (TAP), Terms up to 5 years, Leasing,

Chattel Mortgage or Rental

Mastercard and Visa (merchant fees apply)

what our customers say..

As a new young operator to the Amusement Industry, I was extremely pleased with the level of quality of machines and ongoing support provided by Cashflow. Not only are the Chocolate Cranes quality machines. They look great and provide live SMS communication when there is a problem with the machine so I am able to find out when it is down and solve the issue by myself or with the help of Ray who is available all the time. Would definitely reccommend Cashflow Games to anyone interested in these amusement machines.

Michael Raciti – Amusement Machine Operator

I have been in the vending & amusement industries for over 25 years now and have had my hands on many different types of equipment over my journey. I have sold, represented, and placed machines supplied by all crane manufacturers / distributors in Australia. Cashflow Games should now be recognized as the market leader with their cranes, the development of these machines I have seen over the years has been outstanding. I have no doubt that Cashflow really understands the requirements of operators and the game players today. Our total fleet of crane machines have been replaced with Cashflow’s cranes. The results are there to see - an increase in income by utilizing the latest technology and extremely happy locations. The amusement industry has been crying out for this technology. I would recommend any operator and every location to try these outstanding cranes.

Greg O’Malley – Funhouse Club Division